Pollington: a history

Pollington Fields of Gold May 2012

The history of Pollington, a village formerly in the West Riding of Yorkshire but now in East Yorkshire, told through its people, its buildings and its land.

When I first moved to Pollington in 2002, I had been researching my family history for two or three years. I knew quite a lot of my ancestors were from Yorkshire, where I had been born and grew up. So I looked forward to having trips to record offices to dig up lots of new leads and information.

I contacted people to let them know we had moved. One contact, who I had swapped research with on one of my paternal lines, surprised me when he replied. “OMG, Pollington, that’s the centre of the universe!” I thought he was overdoing the sarcasm but then he explained that some distant relatives of our shared family line had lived in Pollington for about 200 years…

Having got thoroughly hooked on family history, I then got the bug to find out more about the place I was living in. We had bought an old farmhouse, but didn’t really know its age. It had been well renovated but still had some good original features. “I know, I’ll research the history of the house,” I decided one day when the chaos of unpacking had reduced a bit…

“A slippery slope, if ever there was one…”

That was all about 11 years ago. Since then, I can’t say I have slaved away at discovery the history of my house or the village of Pollington continuously. Things like life get in the way of these things, so there have been long periods of time when the files have gathered dust.

With newly found inspiration, which has come really out of nowhere, I have got back into it in the first few months of 2012 so have decided to share some of the things that I have found out. Its also an exercise in organisation, as writing about what the records reveal about my house and the village, is a great way to spot clues for going further that I have missed. So, very much a work-in-progress and a mongrel; an information site crossed with a blog, that will hopefully extend and expand during the rest of this year. simon@pollington.wanadoo.co.uk

Pollington canal spring 2012

Pollington canal spring 2012